The founder of sewing industry, Data integrated and intelligent management enterprice of internet of things through Hanger System, Automatic Sorting, AGVs , and Intelligent warehousing.
Specialized in manufacturing single & Double flat Knitting Machine, Computerized Jacquard machine, Electronic Jacquard seamless Underware Knitting Machine, Hosiery Machine, and Flat knitting Machine.
Specialized in automatic guided vehicle for the movement of any type of commodity.
Professionally engaged in power adjustable roller conveyor, no power adjustable roller conveyor, container climbing machine equipment manufacturers, R&D and production power scaling roller conveyor.
Combilift is the largest global manufacturers of multi-directional forklift & acknowledge leader in long lead handling solutions.
The main idea is to provide a complete automatic line proposal for any padded products like pillows, duvets, mattress pads and others: in a “From Bale to Box” solution we start from the filling material preparation and we moved thru all the production process steps till the final box of packed products.
Professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production of HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans, gearless direct drive PMSSM HVLS Ceiling Fans, Industrial doors and dock Levelers.
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