Two-Stage + PM Motor + Inverter air compressor

Two-stage compression air-end
Low compression ratio
Low temperature rising
Low air leakage
15% energy-saving

Seize industrial air compressor of oil free blowers

Oil Free Screw Blower
Air Delivery Range: 16.5~108m3/min Air Pressure Range:
0.3~2.0 BarG

One-Stage + PM Motor + Inverter

1-High-performance touch screen directly display; power, current, frequency, temprature, pressure, the hot rotary speed, etc
2-Both motor ang fan are variable frequency drives and make air end oil temperature constant, low noise, energy-saving, stable air end propertuy, long use life of oil..
3-Eliminate no-loading, reduce 50%of the power cost of no-loading
4Eliminate excess pressure, every 0.1Mpa pressure is higher,7%more energy costs.
5-One integral shaft driving, energy saving 3 to 5%
6-Frequency variable rangy  is 25 to 100%,larger than normal。

High Efficiency Two-Stage Air End

Air Delivery Range: 2.81~115.46 m3/minAir

Pressure Range: 4.0~17.0 BarG

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